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Viewers experience the installation physically with their bodies, as
well as through aromas, taste, audio, and visual sensations. As
visitors stand, sit, or recline on the bed attached to a ambiguous
helium sculpture, they experience familiar and unfamiliar sounds and
scents. The audience will wear binaural headphones emitting a voice
speaking in four languages: English, Creole, French and Spanish for a
60 second loop. Meanwhile, audiences will also experience thirteen
different selected aromas and will be invited to taste selected bites
of dessert, fed to them by an individual whose identity will be
The City of Santiago de Cuba, Casa del Caribe in collaboration with
Lobey Art & Travel and Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI)
will present “La Piedra Filosofal” during the Festival del
Caribe/Fiesta del Fuego from
Monday July 3rd to Sunday July 9th,
in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.
“La Piedra Filosofal” by
painter, sculptor and
installation artist Asser
Saint-Val, is a multi-
sensory and interactive
public art installation for
audiences of all ages to
experience at various
public places. The
installation consists of a
large-scale 20x20 foot
polyethylene helium
sculpture that engages the
community through a
multi-sensory experience.
The Philosopher’s Stone:
20 feet helium balloon,
full size bed, binaural
recording, and aromas
Location: Museum Park,
Miami FL, 2016
"With the support of
the Miami-Dade County
Department of Cultural
Affairs, the Cultural
Affairs Council, the
Mayor and the Miami-
Dade County Board of
County Commissioners"
The Philosopher's Stone -
Awaken Your Senses; an
interactive and
multi-sensory installation
sponsored by the renown
French Perfume House
CARON Paris for its 2016
marketing campaign:
Awaken Your Senses. The
installation was fully
inspired by CARON's latest
fragrance Pour Un Homme
Sport and consisted in a
20' helium sculpture tied
to a bed scented with the
perfume, binaurial
recordings of the artist
talking about the history
The original iteration of the installation has taken place in Miami,
Florida, where Asser had access to a range of resources. Producing
the project in Santiago de Cuba will take the installation to a
completely new environment with new collaborations, approaches
and challenges while incorporating the rich Cuban Culture into the
The installation will be
the culminating upshot
of a month-long
residency program in
Santiago de Cuba,
arranged by Lobey Art &
Travel through La Casa
del Caribe with
financial support from
Diaspora Vibe Cultural
Arts Incubator (DVCAI),
Knight Foundation.
How will the new location, demographics and logistics influence and
evolve the installation?

Festival del Caribe/Fiesta del Fuego
Monday July 3rd to Sunday July 9th, 2017
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.

For information contact Asser Saint-Val (786) 488-8042 and
asser@assersaintval.com  or Rom Blanchard (305) 401-1802 and
of CARON, and chocolate pralines with the same basic ingredients of Pour Un
Homme Sport. Location: Superfine! Fair, Miami Art Week 2016. Commissioned
by Paris Perfumes Inc. for their client CARON Paris.