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Our pledge to community service took the Lòbèy team to Bethany Baptist Church at the corner of Northwest
54th street and 7th Avenue in Little Haiti, Miami, Florida, on Saturday May 15, 2004.  We brought color and
variety to the celebration commemorating the 201st Anniversay of the Haitian Flag. The christian community
of Bethany Baptist Church has strong ties to Haiti; the elders wanted to present to the youth of the church a
more positive image of their ancestral land.
Acrylic and oil
paintings from various
and well known haitian
artists, cooked clay
items from Michel
Wanglish, embroided
shirts and tablecloths
from Kencoff were put
on display at the church
Time was provided for questions and answers, we had the opportunity to share with the audience, composed of
young kids for the most part, the richness, the strength, the intensity and the variety of expressions of the haitian
culture. It was quite a departure from current TV images depicting Haiti as a land wreched by violence and
crimes, suffering and sorrow. It was also a great opportunity for young Haitian-Americans to connect and
identify with more positive aspects of their cultural and ethnic background.
Bethany Baptist Church celebrates
Haitian Flag Day
May 15, 2004